2Katies Confections

About the 2Katies...

2Katies' Confections can personalize all of our baked goods to satisfy your every sweet desire!
We understand when you want to give a "sweet" gift or bring something special to a party...and you simply don't have the time nor energy.
No worries!

We will create beautiful iced cookies, cake pops and cupcakes to share.
Party trays, dessert tables, simple cookie boxes...your treats will be exceptional with our hard work and your good decision in choosing 2Katies' Confections.

2Katies' Confections is a little baking biz created by best friends, who share a BIG LOVE...of treats.
We, Katie Miller and Katie Lopez, are two "southside" Chicago gals, who started our confection craze
without even realizing we had started a new gig!
We joke that we share a brain, but really we have a knack for balancing our talents!
Both taste and presentation are equally vital in our product.
We truly believe you can't have one without the other.

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